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Meeting foreign tourists in Montecchio

This morning we met some foreign tourists at Romeo and Juliet’s castles in Montecchio.

We first met three Iranians and then a Japanese couple. I noticed many differences between them: for example the Iranians were wearing dark and formal clothes, whereas the couple was wearing light and unformal clothes and it seems like if the Japanese people wanted to show a unity between their souls. The Japanese girl covered her head with an umbrella because she didn’t want to get tanned because in Japan white skin means richness.

The two groups were both very kind and friendly, in fact they willingly answered all our questions and we were very pleased with this experience.


This morning we went to the Romeo and Juliet castles. There we met 2 groups of foreign people. The first one was an Iranian group of 3 people who are in Montecchio for work. They told as that it is difficult here to find people who speak English. They have found a lot of difficulties communicating in supermarkets and companies.

As a matter of fact while we were leaving the first castle we noticed that the information about the castle in the panels were written only in Italian. Then we went to the second castle and we found the panels and they were only in Italian too.

During our visit around the second castle we found a couple which came from Japan. One of them was a globetrotter and he told us his experiences. We noticed a lot of differences between these 2 groups. The main one was the way they were dressed. The Iranians wore dark clothes which were formal and Western. The Japanese were dressed with light colours like yellow and white and they were more sporty.

Today I discovered that Iranians and Japanese are open minded and in my opinion Italians should become like them. First we should write panels and tags also in English to help foreigners understand what they are looking for, because despite the fact that there are many foreigners we find things only in Italian. Then I suggest to the companies to take on people who speak English to be able to communicate with people who don’t speak Italian.


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