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Lana, my little angel

I met her 7 years ago but it wasn’t love at first sight… I never would have imagined she’d become so important for me, a real part of me…

Every dog owner has funny stories about their dog and considers their dog as unique… but as far as I’m concerned she wasn’t just unique, she was and will always be my little angel. Little, curly, as awift as a gazelle… a person told me on the very same day she left us: “It’s unbelievable… you’re so similar, even physically.” When our paths crossed I already had two fantastic dogs but I didn’t feel they were really mine or, let’s say, I didn’t feel they were such a big part of me as I would have liked. So I decided to adopt her, driven by my missionary spirit and supported by my mother.

The beginning wasn’t simple… she was ill, frail and needed too much attention to give some back. Then everything changed. Three months later we saw a rebirth: she would trot proudly wearing her pink coat and with a thankful expression for her saviour. She fit in perfectly with our family, found an ally in one of our dogs and showed awe towards the other… and she conquered my heart. I knew I could take her everywhere and she knew how to behave, because she was intelligent and felt I would have done everything for her.

She accompanied me during my university years coming to Padua every week and patiently waiting for us in the flat while we were attending our lessons. But she would then grant us some singular moments of entertainment. She also sat during my dissertation unconcerned by the horrified expression on my professors’ faces and loudly yawned when I was proclaimed doctor. She was there when I had to choose my working career and was always ready to make me feel important even when doors would shut and I would feel demoralized.

When I first met Nicolas she helped me understand I had finally met the right person for me. She patiently waited for my brother to come back from the other side of the world giving him that sense of security and peacefulness he needed. She went to Pantelleria, the wind island, four times conquering the heart of those she met there.

I was convinced she would always be there because I always considered her ageless… but she had a big problem: her heart was too big… so big it stopped beating only after having taught me that the most precious moments don’t require words because loyalty, real loyalty, can only be built with infinite love

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