About us


In an ever more interconnected and global world, the English language is essential to do business abroad and to travel. But the traditional English course shows its limits when you have to interact with very different realities compared with European ones.

SynergyPlus was founded to overcome these limits and help people regain the advantage they need to be competitive in a globalized world.

SynergyPlus is a partnership studio which blends decade-long corporate teaching experience both in Lazio and Veneto with excellent qualifications of the younger innovative partners.
This combination of experience and innovation gives an up-to-date and qualified image to tackle foreign markets in a cool, confident and extremely flexible way. We are specialised in the tanning, marble, textile, goldsmith and plastic material sectors.

Provide our clients with high quality training and maximum flexibility to meet out clients’ needs

Overcome psychological and cultural distance among different nationality groups

Communicate in English internationally with effectivenes and empathy

Foster our clients’ personal development

Foster a culture of trust in your team

Year it was founded
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The partners

Maria Joy Whittaker


Maria Joy Whittaker was born and brought up in Great Britain where she got a Diploma in Education at Liverpool University. Joy went to Italy when she was 24 to teach English to managers of multinational companies in Rome. After moving to Veneto she carried on company teaching while concentrating on small-medium sized companies in the tanning field. Some of the companies where she has organised courses include Marzotto in Valdagno, Fenice, BASF, TFL, Chemipal, Chimica Ve-Mar, Marly’s, Progold, Mario Levi and Conceria Pasubio. Joy started her career with a psycho-linguistic approach, but later moved on to emotional intelligence to let her students enhance their communication skills. Joy is an expert in company courses in Valle dell’Agno area regarding tannery, chemical products, alloys for gold and clothing. Since she became a BULATS examiner - Business Language Testing Service – she has been organizing her courses in order to help students develop logical thinking, organise information in a clear and coherent way and get used to specific language and communication functions, such as interviews, presentations and role-plays. By doing this, students can become more focused and synthetic when using Business English. Thanks to experience gained during international leather fairs such as Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Vietnam, Chennai, Kanpur and Dubai and excellent knowledge of cross-cultural dynamics, she has been able to enhance her teaching methodology with first-hand knowledge and to develop and train students on specific negotiation skills for international fairs. Through excellent knowledge of psychology for the developmental age, Joy is able to aid youngsters with learning problems. Her great love of psychology for teaching allows her to offer professional help and customized courses according to specific needs.

Riccardo Nicholas Crestani


After his Ba in Political Sciences and International Relations and his Ma in International Politics and diplomacy, Mr Crestani did several internships including one at the online magazine, Equilibri.net, and another one at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. At the end of October 2009 he achieved his CELTA qualification at International House London and in 2014 got the CertIBET qualification to teach Business English. He became ordinary partner of SynergyPlus in January 2010, but has been working as an external consultant of our association since it was created. He has created and been in charge of managing our website and our e-learning platform. He has several years of experience in teaching English in companies and several experiences as a translator and interpreter for legal and technical matters. He also has over six years experience successfully preparing students for the BULATS test and is accredited to use the DPI - Developing People Internationally - tool of york Associates. He also collaborates with the Italian Diplomatic Academy, a training body created following the idea and commitment of young university students, experts and professionals in the fields of international law, civil and criminal law, economics and international relations. In 2013 he started collaborating with the University of Padua, faculties of Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale, Maths, Agriculture and Veterinary, and Biology. He was also Contract Professore for Academic Years 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 of English Language for the BA in Sociological Sciences and for Academic Years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 of English Language for the BA in Communication at the University of Padua. He has been a teaching assistant at the University of Padova Language Centre since December 2015. Mr Crestani is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and has also collaborated with SIETAR Italia and SIETAR Europa.