Cross-Cultural Management courses

In addition to English language courses, we are specialised in developing competencied of managers and entrepreneurs who need to interact with foreign suppliers and customers and operate in situations where language is only the first obstacle. Marianna Crestani, one of our founding partners, actively collaborates with TCO – International Diversity Management, a leading company in Europe in high level managerial and executive training.

Our offer to managers includes the DPI - Developing People Internationally course:  it's a course we are accredited to run and that is based on the principle that entrepreneurs, executives and corporate managers who operate in an international context must be flexible and find the right balance between the need to meet increasingly ambitious targets and build and improve the relationship with team members, international partners, customers and suppliers
The DPI is a modular course based on 9 units and that focuses on the main situations and challenges faced when managing a team that works on a international project:

1. Organisation of a kick-off meeting,

2. Defining common objectives,

3. Team organisation and organisational culture,

4. Role within a team and an organisation,

5. Developing team and organisation members,

6. Feedback and acknowledgment,

7. Representing the team and how to interface the team working on the international project with the rest of the organisation,

8. Conflict between two team members or members of an organisation,

9. Cooperation between team or organisation members.

The course may be 20 or 30 hours depending on deeply the different issues are examined.


DPI was developed by YORK ASSOCIATES - one of the main British organisations with over 30 years experience in developing the competencies of people and managers who work in a international context - for HENKEL and NESTLE’ and has been used in several other multinational companies with excellent results.


"... The key to successful intercultural working relationships relies on the ability to develop a perception of others as being just as complex as ourselves, while balancing growing insights into their distinct complexity with a persistent thirst for action together..."
David Trickey, TCO - International Diversity Management

It is no longer a matter of local markets. We are living in a globalizing world where developing skilled communication strategies is paramount. We often over-generalize, stereotype and simply make out that others are different or even less than that. Good business cannot be fostered this way.
The market is rapidly changing and the development of communication strategies is paramount to face a global market with constant shake-ups.
This is where Synergyplus can help – together we can examine the problems you have and create strategies to cope with important customers all over the world so that you feel more confident and your customers feel they are understood. A good relationship makes for good business. A poor relationship where bad feelings are created due to misunderstanding makes for poor business.
The quality of the services offered by SynergyPlus is certified by the fact that Dr. Marianna Amy Crestani is professional coach for THE INTERNATIONAL PROFILER psycometric testing.

What is the purpose of communication and cross-cultural management?

Give practical tools to:
-  help people transfer their technical and managerial skills in an international context and
- make these people easily and quickly productive when operating in new cultural enrivonments by focusing on how to effectively use cultural differences instead of consolidating counterproductive stereotypes.

The key to successful intercultural working relationships relies on the ability to develop a perception of others as being just as complex as ourselves, while balancing growing insights into their distinct complexity with a persistent thirst for action together…


Sciences connected to communication and cross-cultural management

sciences management


Main skills developed thanks to communication and cross-cultural management

management skills


Additional resources:

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Intercultural communication in the world

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International Excellence project

International Excellence project (Adobe Flash presentation in Italian)

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Interview to Marianna Amy Crestani

Interview to Marianna Amy Crestani

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Feedback on our courses

Please state the activity you enjoyed less and the one you enjoyed the most:

  • one note on the material used: had there been the page number on every photocopy used during the course, it woudl have been simpler and quicker to follow the lesson

  • Definitely the best, more up-to-date, interesting, fascinating and best structured course I've followed so far.It's a pity time goes by so quickly and four hours are not enough

  • the most important activity which I enjoyed the most was the one explaining different types of reactions of clients

  • the activity I liked the most was the discussion on trust and the way people work in Italy. It was nice hearing other people's opinion on these very interesting subjects. It helps us grow....

  • I found every activity extremely interesting. The practical ones are certainly the ones which strike you the most, but obviously you need a good amaount of theory to understand them adequately. after thinking about it for 10 minutes, I cannot come up with any activites which didn't interest me. All in all, the course was well organised (I won't say excellent because I'm a "latin" - :-)).

  • The one I liked the most - Writing email because it makes you understand very well what cultural differences are and how they affect people. The one I liked the less - the initial activity where I had to draw an object and share it. It was too limited, whereas it would be better to find a way of linking it to the rest of the activities until the debriefing.

  • the course is too short, the contents didn't ojust meet my expectations, it went well beyond them


  • there are may aspects which cannot be dealt with in just 5 hours

  • 5 hours are very rich, but time flies. Congratulations to the teacher for her commitment

  • it's interesting to see how my opinion on several subjects and my approach to different nationalities changed

  • no comment, even though I attended several courses, I always find them challenging and up-to-date

Feedbacks from students of the course held at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Padua University (anonymous questionnaire):

  • I must say this course dealt with subjects which are interested both for personal and professional life.

  • This course has been extremely useful and has taught me what I should know in order to work in a company. It's important to get to know people who can speak English very well, but knowing more about business helps you more.

  • It's hard to run an English course with so high purposes to a class composed of about 60 people (too many!!!), whose half barely knows simple grammar rules and is just looking forward to the bell to ring.

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