English and Italian language courses

Our offer includes a wide range of English language courses together with Italian language courses for foreigners.

1. English courses

We organise courses for professionals, adults, teenagers, and university students of any level (beginner, false beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced - from A1 to C2).

Our courses are extremely customised and results are constantly monitored. They are held all-year-round both during the day and in the evening with intensive courses during Summer or upon request.

Modules are 20 hours long and can be organized during lunch break and after working time on company premises. We also offer videoconferencing services for those who cannot be present during company courses.

Short intensive courses can be arranged even at short notice for managers who have to attend an important fair, meet important customers or who need to research a new market. Experience and innovation supply the tools needed to customize lessons so that your company image is always unrivalled.


We also offer the possibility of having lessons online using Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Our lessons come with access to our e-learning platform on Moodle with extra exercises and explanations.

Our range of courses includes:

General English and English for tourism

For people who want to start learning or want to improve their English to travel or simply to communicate.

Technical English or English for Specific Purposes

Tanneries, goldsmiths, plastics and marble, upmarket and sports clothing, tourism, secretaries (email and telephoning), negotiations, health services, business consultants.

Business English

Business English courses for managers, employees, agents and everybody who needs to speak in English when communicating with their customers. Focus on: negotiation, email writing and telephone conversations

Legal English

For lawyers and people who need to use Legal English in their work

Presentation skills

Short course on presentation skills to boost your presentations and avoid running into “death by Powerpoint” situations

Remedial courses

Remedial courses for lower and upper secondary school students

Exam preparation

Preparation for exams and external certifications like BEC, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL and Trinity.

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Intensive courses for teenagers

Courses held in summer or during the year. During the months of June, July, August and September courses are held for 3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday for a total of 15 hours.

Gardening Club

The purpose of this club is to talk in English about plants, flowers and landscaping in general. Knowledge can be shared and new ideas approached by working together. B2 level required.

2. Italian courses for foreigners

We are also specialised in offering Italian courses for foreigners who have relocated to Italy for work and other reasons. We run courses of Italian for absolute beginners or people who want to improve their level in order to communicate more effectively with local people.

We have run courses for Arab, Chinese, American, British English and Irish speakers who came to Italy to work on a temporary basis or long-term. As part of the course, a relocation service was also offered to help them understand why they were having problems despite being able to communicate in Italian.

If necessary students can be prepared to take exams in Italian through our partner in Milan.

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